Part 2 – Tradeshow Magician Singapore

Tradeshow Magician Singapore – Case Study

Motor Show Singapore Jan 2015. Astrotech is a company that provides restoration and repair services for the automobile industry hired my services as tradeshow magician singapore to support them with the following objectives during the exhibit:

  • Increase Brand and Name recognition (until  the motor show Astrotech mainly worked for distributors only a very small percentage  was consumers)
  • Lead generation
  • Promote Service Credit offers to potential clients

During pre-show meetings I developed a customized script that included the main services and ended with a call to action to leave contact information and to buy service  credits. I designed 4 customized effects for the show.

The first one was a card effect using 3 cards. This  was played  as a game where the attendees had to keep track of the winning card – an Ace and A for Astrotech.  The intention was  to mention the company name a many times as  possible during the card trick demo. At the end one of the card changed  into a card with  the company logo. This was followed by an explanation of the main services, dent removal, solar control window films and interior and exterior restoration backed by a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee. I used 3 ropes to illustrate the services. The next effectt was  the lead  into the sales pitch. Astrotech offered to double  the value their clients money. E.g. If some spends SGD 400 on restoration and maintenance services on their car and they bought at the exhibit this amount from  Astrotech the company offered SGD 800 in service credits basically doubling the investment. The credit does not expire and is transferable. To illustrate this I showed  SGD 50 and  transformed into  SGD 100. I closed the performance with a card trick which was framed  around matching the needs of Astrotech clients no matter how difficult they are – which always ended with a big laugh.

During the performance I also qualified the leads by asking who is from Singapore and who has a car to avoid that the booth representative waste their time on someone who is not from Singapore and/or  doesn’t have a car.

At the end of the show of  the exhibit Astrotech made enough sales off set the exhibit expenses, added about 1000 new leads to there database and created a brand awareness with the public.

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tradeshow magician singapore


Trade Show Magician Singapore

Part 1 – Trade Show Magician Singapore

I thought I write  an article about magicians that perform at trade shows. I have done this a couple of times in Germany but so far not in Singapore. This month I was hired to perform for a client at the Motor Show Singapore. More about this in the next post (Case Study)

What are trade show magicians?

A partner to attract and inform booth visitors and potential leads. A professional trade show magician can be powerful tool for increasing exhibit traffic and awareness of a company’s product or service among the exhibit attendees.

trade show magician singapore

Expert trade show magicians are more than just entertainers. They partner with exhibitors across industries to attract visitors to trade show booths – and then actively promote company products and services during engaging performances.

To support your exhibiting sales objectives, these specialized performers spend a great deal of time before the show learning about your company, market positioning, products, essential selling points and benefits.

They script their shows beforehand to ensure your product or service is effectively integrated into the magic act to maximize message impact.

As a result, they can serve as a marketing partner in educating exhibit booth attendees about your product or service’s key points of distinction. While performing their illusions, magicians make sure your company information is emphasized.

A research study by Exhibit Surveys, Inc. shows that live demonstrations and entertainment in display areas are among the top methods for attracting incremental booth traffic. Additionally, professional tradeshow magicians receive high rankings for product awareness and recognition.

In addition to reinforcing your marketing messages, an effective and entertaining magician can attract more visitors to your exhibit and help you secure more sales leads for your post-show follow-up.

You can expect to invest anywhere from $1500 to $5,000+ a day, but the expense may be well worth it when their mix of sales and sleight of hand bring prospective customers to your booth.

During the hiring process, don’t look for the lowest fee and assume that any entertainer can work your exhibit. Rather, consider several professionals and compare their experience and skills in the event arena. Then ask for references of past performances. You may even request a live “demo” act to help you determine that you are getting value for your marketing investment.

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