Magician performs underwater

Well I didn’t have to perform in  a wet-suit but the event was at the S.E.A at Resorts World Sentosa which is a fantastic Aquarium. The picture here shows a part of the aquarium which you can visit during the day. In the evening this is an event space and restaurant. I have performed there multiple times for different companies. Since the you are literally in a fish tank you can say that a Singapore magician performs underwater…

Singapore magician performs underwater






I was hired to perform close up magic during the dinner from table to table. The company was AHG who was hosting their annual gala dinner. All the guests were from Australia and they had a team building event during the day on Sentosa. What I liked about this event was the table set up, it left space for  a performer right in in front. The thinking was that everyone should have a good view at the aquarium. I wished I had this set up all the time.

Singapore magician performs underwater


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event magician

Typical weekday for a Singapore magician

May 25 I was performing for Veeam Software, which is a information technology company developing backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management software. Veeeam just opened their office at central Singapore location and invited their partners to the office opening party for cocktails and snacks.  As a Singapore magician I am performing  quite often at events like this. The objective is to break the ice and make strangers start talking . It helps me that I have worked in IT for long time and I always try to use some general IT jargon in the presentation, like testing, project time, budget and requirements. The event was managed by Citrus Events the MC was friend of Sharlyn Lim if you ever need an MC for a corporate event give her a call

Singapore Magician at Veeam Software event


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