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Comedy Magician Singapore

Comedy magician Singapore

In June I will be performing at 3 comedy shows in Singapore. This should be something you seldom see. When Germans show up in a comedy club they will be usually asked why they are there, since we do not have a big reputation for our sense of humor. Let see how it goes and how much I will be heckled.
Show times and locations:
  • June 14 – Hero’s Hero’s, 69 Circular Road, Singapore 049423 – TIME: 8 pm – 9.45 pm
  • June 17 – Post Bar, Fullerton Hotel – TIME: 8 pm – 10 pm
  • June 17 – Hotel Vagabond, The Salon, 39 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207630 – TIME: 9 pm – 10.45 pm


comedy magician Singapore

event magician

Magic Bar Tokyo

Magic Bar Tokyo Japan

In May I was on vacation in Japan to see my wife’s family and for 6 day road trip in Shikoku.  It was a fantastic trip. We rented a car in Shikoku, which is the smallest of the 4 islands and this enabled us to go to  places that you can’t reach with public transportation.

This time in Tokyo we put a visit in one of the city’s magic bar on the agenda. We went to a place in Ginza called Magic Bar Ginza 12 O’clock (マジックバー 銀座十二時 )

The fee is JPY 6000 (about 55 USD) plus tax which comes with an all you can trick ticket for tab beer or selected cocktails. The performances take place on a small stage. You can see 2 shows of about 25 minutes and in between magicians perform magic close up at your table.

The performance is all in Japanese but you will get the effects even with the language barrier. I speak some Japanese and was dragged on stage…

The room caters for about 40 people and it is advisable to make a reservation. Overall we had a really good time and it was good value for the money.

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