Magician Comedy Club

Magician Comedy Club

I mentioned in a previous post that I was performing a couple of shows in a comedy club. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about delivering lines and audience management in these situations.

I  did a 25 minutes set at each show and had to restructure my routines to fit the settings. People go to a comedy club first and  foremost to laugh. I don’t think that I am funny however I think the fun in a magic performance comes from the effect. This means laughter in a magic show is many times the relief for astonishment. Naturally you also get laughs from audience interaction.

In a comedy club the audience will talk back more than at a corporate event which, for me, makes it more interesting because you don’t know the outcome. In one of my routines I borrow a SGD 50 bill and I ask specifically  for it. This time I had a Gentleman in the audience who pulled out US 50. Immediately you have a great  conflict. Can the magician still do the trick  or not. Well…you have to watch the show to find  out. I am looking  forward to perform at comedy clubs more in the future.

Here some pictures from one of the venues, the Vagabond Hotel. For more upcoming comedy shows and tickets visit Mad About Comedy .

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