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Magician Grand Hyatt

One of the nice things when you perform regularly at the same venue is that you get repeat customers. I have now been the Magician Grand Hyatt for almost a year and I would say I have every Sunday at least 10-20% regulars. Usually they bring friends or family and they request that I come to the table which is a great marketing point to the management. This week was the same. I performed at a table for a Gentlemen that had seen me at least 5 times but he was always there with different people so the show is always different. Next time he comes I have to think of something different.


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event magician

Magician at Grand Hyatt

After performing in Vest T-shirt and hat during at the busking show it was quite a contrast to do the performance at the tables at the Grand Hyatt. The shows at table a much shorter and the size of your audience is anything from 2 to 20 people (in a private room). The funny thing is that I used almost the same effect at the busking show as I use table side. I guess because the conditions are similar. People are usually all around you and the effect have to play for small to a big audience. Well it has been said by some old timers that you can make a living with 6 tricks and I believe it’s true. Stefan – Corporate Magician

event magician

Busking Show Outdoor event

Pasarbella is the first multi-sensory grocery shopping destination in Singapore. They organized for March an outdoor market at MBS to showcase their vendors. I was hired to perform a Covent Garden style busking show at this outdoor event similar to what I have done in Germany years ago. It was a lot of fun. I performed 6 Shows and had an average crowd of about 80 people.