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Corporate Entertainer

Corporate Entertainer Singapore

One of the benefits of being a corporate entertainer is that many of the venues I perform at are top notch. In Singapore we have a lot of high rise buildings and many of them have roof top bars one of latest ones is the bar Ku De Ta on top of the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Deutsche Bank was looking for a corporate entertainer in Singapore for the annual networking event that is hosted at the Sky Bar of KuDeTa at the 57th floor for MBS. I was hired to do roving, street magic for 2 hours at this event. If you visit Singapore and you want to enjoy  the view from MBS I would recommend to go to the bar and have a drink. This way you don’t have to pay the fee. If you go to Observation deck at the Sky Park they charge you SGD 23. The view at the bar is great as well and you get a drink for the money.

The event was fun but at the end I was soaked. Singapore in May is very humid and wearing suit and tie adds to this even at the 57th floor.

Prior to the performance it was still cool…

corporate entertainer

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Entertainers in Singapore

Entertainers in Singapore

Last week I was hired to perform close up magic at the Patek Philippe 175th anniversary event at the Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris. With me was another performer Ferris Yeo who specializes in mind-reading and psychological illusions. It was our job to entertain the guests according to special plans throughout the event. The reason why we where selehttps://www.pinacotheque.com.sgted was because there are only a few entertainers in Singapore specializing in corporate events. I know that Ferris mainly performs stage shows at corporate dinners and functions and I would say 75% of my performances are at events like this. The evening went well and it was great to see a performer who does something very different from me tableside. I hope I have the chance to see his stage show one of these days.

Party entertainment

Magic party entertainment different than expected

I generally don’t perform for kids meaning I am not a magician you can hire for a birthday party of a 8 year old. If the audience is a mixed group of adults and children I am OK. Last week I was hired by the JSSL Arsenal soccer school to perform at their annual award event on stage as well as doing party entertainment when the guests came in. I was meeting with the clients prior to the event to discuss the options and they mentioned they will have about 300 adults and 150 children and the focus should be on doing party entertainment for the adults. They booked me for a 15 min stage show and about 1.5 hours of roving magic during the cocktail reception and dinner.

The roving magic went great. The kids were between 8 and 16, this is a good age for me because they understand card tricks…I started with 5 or 6 adults and within a couple of minutes I had about 30 people watching me. This was great and I could cover about 100 people just during the cocktail hour.

The stage performance was a different situation. Before me was a performance of the power storm crew. These guys won the Thailand got talent competition last year I think. I noticed that none of the kids remained in their seats and got very close to the stage. Imagine the stage in the picture surrounded by people.

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For me that meant I had to adjust my performance on the fly. I had 2 mind reading effects planned but that would have not worked in that setting since I need adults for this. My back up for cases like this is my busking show which works for almost any audience. As expected when it was my  turn the stage was surrounded by 150 kids and teenagers and all the adults remained on there seats in the back of the room. The performance went OK but a little different than planned. I guess nobody did notice… 😉