Close up magician at the Night at the Races

Close up magician at the Night at the Races

Last week I was engaged by the Australian Chamber of Commerce as close up magician to entertain there members and sponsors at the night at the races at the Singapore Turf Club. There were about 200 guests present. The races are usually every 30 minutes over the course of an evening. It was on a great evening and most of the magic I do fits the theme in way. Especially effects with money and cards which is related to gambling. I got a lot of requests to predict the winner of the next race. It was a fun event and location. Here are some impressions:

close up magician Singapore at the turf club turfclub1 (403x540)

Roving magic Airline Pilot Association

Roving Magic at the Airline Pilot Association Singapore Dinner

I was engaged to entertain the guests with Roving Magic prior to the dinner at ball room at the Pan Pacific Hotel. It was a great audience but as performer you only have about an hour to engage with as many people as possible. This means the performance is cut  from the usual 7-10 min to about 5 min. How can I ensure that people will remember it? By creating an effect that is connected with the event or the company that books me. I usually use customized cards that are exclusively printed  for the event. See picture below. If there is only time to do one thing for a group it will be an effect with a card like that.

Roving Magic

Roving Magic – Customized Card





event magician

Magician and Snake Charmer

July 3 I was hired to do close up magic for an hour at the ICMAT conference at the Raffles City convention Center. In my job you meet a lot of other performers. This was the first time I came across a snake charmer. His name is Mohd Yusof and he is the only one Singapore. He has been in the business for over 30 years and had a lot of interesting stories to share about his gigs and the people he met. He learned the craft from his Dad. He actually has a real King Cobra in his shows and when he pulled it out on stage at the conference he had the audience in stitches. He said it is still a baby but the critter was already about 3.5 m long. After his stage show you could take pictures with him and the snakes. Not with the cobra… the snake on the picture is a python I think.

magician and snake charmer