Event Performance

Phillip Capital Event Performance

  • Event: Nov 21  – Phillip Capital – 170 Guests – Customer Awarness Day
  • Venue: Heros
  • Package:  Close Up magic and Stage Show

Phillip Capital held their annual customer day at Heros. I usually go there to watch a stand up comedy event performance. This time I was on stage myself performing a 25 minute interactive stage show. I was the intro for the main act of the night Rishi Budhrani a local comedian. Rishi was also the MC for the night and he is a great guy to work with. Make sure you have a chance to catch him at ticketed event at a comedy club, I guarantee you will laugh a lot.

event magician

event magician

Deloitte Event Magician

  • Event: Nov 14 –  Deloitte – 150 Guests – Cocktail Party
  • Venue: Amara Sanctuary
  • Package:  Close Up magic

Deloitte hired me as an event magician to perform close up magic at the Deloitte University event at the Amara Sanctuary Resort on the Sentosa.

close-up magician Singapore

Memorable Close Up Magic

Memorable Close Up Magic

Nov 13. I have been performing close up magic at the Grand Hyatt Sunday brunch for almost 4 years now. Sometime I wonder if the magic I perform actually leaves memories with the audience.

This week I had an encounter confirming that the experience of magic can last for a long time. I perform an effect where a borrowed coin is initialed with a permanent marker, the coin vanishes and reappears inside my wallet inside a sealed envelope. The participant has the choice of a long mystery or short mystery.

With the short mystery they open the sealed envelope right away and validate that it contains the coin with their initials. The long mystery is not to open the envelope, this way the experience of mystery last as long as they have the envelope because they don’t know if it is really their coin.

Last Sunday I was asked to perform for a group of about 14 people in one of the private rooms at Mezza9. Some of them had seen me before and one of the teenagers (about 15-16 years old) actually brought the sealed envelope from the previous performance, which was 5-6 month ago. She had never opened it. This Sunday she did – the mystery did last for a long time.


corporate evening entertainment

Corporate evening event

Dechert Corporate Evening event

  • Event: Nov 3 –  Dechert LLP  – 150 Guests
  • Venue: Sofitel
  • Package:  Close Up magic for Dechert Clients and Employees

Dechert LLP an international law firm was hosting a corporate evening event for their clients at Sofitel rooftop bar. I performed for their guest for 2 hours while they enjoyed the view, drinks and food.