Christmas party ideas

Christmas Party Ideas

Kaspersky – Christmas Party Ideas

Dec 21 Stefan was working for Kaspersky at their annual year end dinner. Among other Christmas party ideas Stefan was performing his 25 minute Close Up & Personal Shows for the employees of the company. This program option is the perfect option for smaller parties up to 60 guests. For more information please click here .

Corporate event idea

Corporate event idea

IFM Awards – Corporate Event Idea

On Dec 16 Stefan was working for International Finance Magazine. The event organizers engaged his services for the award dinner held annually in Singapore. The corporate event idea was to perform an interactive stage show to lighten up the atmosphere in between the different award presentation.

Singapore corporate events

Singapore Corporate Events

MasterCard Singapore Corporate Events

  • Event: Dec 7  – MasterCard – 250 Guests – Company Xmas Party and Service Awards
  • Venue: Smoke & Mirrors 
  • Package:  Roving Magic

Dec 7 Stefan was working for MasterCard again. The company has engaged Stefan multiple times in the last 5 years and this kind of Singapore corporate events are always a hit. Stefan created for the event a special effect involving the name and logo of the company. You can see samples of specially printed cards in the picture.

For more information regarding the entertainment programs please visit the website .

Singapore Corporate Events

Singapore Corporate Event

Expeditors Singapore Corporate Event

  • Event: Dec 3  – Expeditors – 250 Guests – Annual Dinner and Award Event
  • Venue: Carlton Hotel
  • Package:  Stage Show

Expeditors is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle. The subsidiary engaged my services for their annual award dinner event. The audience at this Singapore corporate event, consisted of all  the employees plus some guests from overseas. I performed  a 25 minute stage show during the dinner including the 2 VIP guests in the performance.