Halloween Magic

Halloween Magic at Lulu’s Lounge

Event: Oct 27 Club Performance –
Venue:  – Lulu’s Lounge
Package: Close Up Magic & MC to introduce late night acts

Lulu’s Lounge hosted a special event for Halloween called the Carnival of the Absurd. I was hired to do roving magic and to introduce the burlesque acts. Below some snapshots from the event.


Close Up Magic at Wonderland

Close Up Magic at Alice in Wonderland Event

Event: Oct 18 Corporate event – IQVIA
Venue: Gardens by the Bay – Flower Field Hall
Package: Close Up Magic

Oct 18 I was performing at the IQVIA  annual Dinner and Dance, themed ‘A Night in Wonderland’. All the guests were wearing a theme related costume. Since I perform mainly with playing cards I faced an ideal situation using guests dressed up as playing cards in my effect.

Entrance to the venue:

Wonderland magic