Roving Magician

Stefan’s most requested Magic Show option. This is a great chance to add that personal touch to your company event. One of the important factors in creating a really special event is to make sure that your guests start having fun right away… minutes after they arrive. Stefan mingles with your guests and performs mini-shows that include incredible magical effects with personal objects. It won’t take long before you hear laughter, sighs of amazement, and applause everywhere. Your guest will be stunned to see magic performed that close! 

  • Customized effects including your logo and message
  • Ideal to break the ice and get your clients and guests talking
  • No preparation is necessary – can be done almost anywhere
  • 10 -20 minutes shows for small groups up to 20 people

Are you looking for something extraordinary but intimate? This combination of comedy magic and mind reading, is the perfect way to engage and reward a small group of guest or customers. Audience members sit casually around Stefan as he performs for them an astounding and hilarious world-class show created just for them. The only production requirements are a table and chairs.

  • Show ranges from 25 to 40 minutes
  • Ideal for small groups from 10 – 60 people
  • Ideal for dinner parties, the show can be done in between courses

Stage Magic Show

An after dinner show that includes non-stop baffling demonstrations of amazing magic tasteful audience participation. This stage show is interaction from start to finish with non-stop laughter throughout the entire program. Guests will take part in a show that is “Magic for Thinking Audiences.” No rabbits, big boxes or glitter. The magic show is 100% clean, fast-paced and most of all it’s fun! Laughter and amazement are guaranteed! 

  • Amazing and Interactive Magic Effects
  • Show ranges from 25 to 40 minutes
  • Suitable for an audience up to 250 people

This is mind reading entertainment using sleight of hand, misdirection, suggestion, psychology and showmanship to deceive the five physical senses creating the illusion of a sixth sense – leaving a lasting impression with the audience.

  • Plays for audiences up to 120 people
  • Can be played on stage or surrounded on the dance floor for smaller audience
  • Show ranges from 25 to 40 minutes

The performance combines magic and psychological techniques with audience interaction into an exciting show experience leaving your guests wondering if what they saw was real or just in their imagination.

You will get:

  • Audience participation
  • Mind reading effects
  • Family-friendly comedy
  • No embarrassment guarantee

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