Corporate Events

Unique corporate entertainment ideas are not easy to find. However good and time tested corporate entertainment is what makes a corporate event great.

The form of corporate entertainment that Stefan offers is an interactive personalized magic performance that guarantees to involve your guests in hilarious (but never embarrassing) and incredible demonstrations of sleight of hand, misdirection, psychology and suggestion.

You will see how the whole room is involved in a psychological experiment that is followed up with a hypnotic suggestion using a piece of rope and you will not be sure if this was sleight of hand or indeed mass hypnosis. Watch how Stefan will erase 15 seconds of 2 audience members memory.

Recommended packages:

  • Close up – Roving – Strolling Magic (40-60 people can be covered in 1 hour)
  • Close up & Personal (audience size: 8-60)
  • Stage performance (audience size 40-200 without live video, 200-500 with live video)

Trade Shows

Tradeshows are competitions for attention. You have a good product or service, but you need a way to get potential customers in your booth to learn about it. You could play a power point that explains the features and benefits, or you could have a nice lady hand out flyers. It is difficult to find something that elevates you from your competition.  When you need to attract and connect with potential customers, Stefan can create an atmosphere of amazement and fun that will make you stand out at your booth. Every presentation is completely unique and tailored to your business needs. Stefan can create custom effects that include your name and logo and seamlessly communicate your companies messages. These performances are usually repeated throughout the day according to show hours.

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Private Functions

Having guests over for dinner? Taking friends or colleagues out for some private dining? How about adding a special course with some really unforgettable entertainment.

Are you celebrating Christmas with colleagues or friends or are you celebrating a special anniversary or milestone?  Organise unique entertainment to add a memorable twist to your evening.

Stefan’s private dinner shows are the ideal entertainment at your party for groups of 5-40 , where everyone gets to be involved in his entertaining, interactive and fun performance (25-45min)

Recommended packages:

  • Close up – Roving – Strolling Magic
  • Close up & Personal
  • For a mixed audience, adults, and kids: Busking Live

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