Safe Magic Shows For Safer Events

In line with the government’s guidelines, Unique Magic Entertainment took steps to ensure that all performances are conducted to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 enabling safe magic shows.

Before the Event


  • All items for the show are kept in a UV sterilization case prior to the performance.
  • Props will only be handled by the performer. Should there be any contact with the props by a third-party, measures will be taken to ensure props are sanitized before further use.

Symptom Checklist

  • The performer will fill out a health checklist twice for each event – once 5 days before the event, and on the day of the event (10 hours before showtime).and provide it to the event organizer
  • In the event that the performer does not meet all standards on the checklist, Unique Magic Entertainment will cancel the performance and not attend the event.
  • Any deposit paid will be returned within 3 business days. This ensures peace of mind for the event organizer

General Measures for Safe Magic Shows

  • The performer is to follow the event venue’s requirements for safe entry and temperature taking.
  • Mask will be worn at all times at the event. The performer’s mask will only be removed when performing on stage. Should organizers request a mask to be worn on stage, we will be able to comply.
  • The performer will refrain from unnecessary interactions outside of their assigned contact person.
  • The performer will be equipped with a bottle of hand sanitizer, a spare mask, and anti-bacterial wipes.
  • The microphone will be sanitized before and after use.

During the Event – Audience Interaction/Management

Stage Show

The show will be no contact. Audience members will not be invited up on stage during the performance. Interactions and engagements take place verbally.

In the case of a hybrid event, interactions can also take place through the online platform.

Close Up Magic
Roving magic at cocktail events is not possible at this time. A possible option is the concept of the secret room:

  • Set up a separate room/table and people come to see the show.
  • The chairs are laid out correctly with adequate distance between them.
  • 5-25 guests can be admitted at a time. The show runs from 5-15 min
  • Props can be sanitized between shows. E.G. Coins wiped with antibacterial wet towels, new deck of cards.
  • Hand sanitizer for guests that help during the performance.
  • Effects that limit contact (mind-reading effects, visual effects)

Post Event

All props will be sanitized as soon as the performer returns to the office.

The performer will self-monitor for symptoms and immediately seek medical consultation in case he shows symptoms. He will keep the client updated about the result.

Virtual Performance

The option for a safe magic show at your event is a virtual performance that can be projected to people at the event and at home. For further information, please click here.

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