Online Magic Show at Sales Meeting

Creating an online magic show, was the only good thing about the pandemic. It forced me to reinvent the way I do my job.

I  don’t believe it replaces live entertainment however until the in-person events come back I will do this in the meantime. Even when the pandemic is over this show enables me to perform anywhere in the world without leaving my rehearsal room.

Magic is probably the best form of live virtual entertainment because it can actively involve the audience.

The show Digital Deceptions is ideal for webinars, virtual happy hours, work-from-home parties, etc. It features visual magic effects, interactive mind reading, and a trick that takes place on your side of the screen.

The show can be performed on most of the common video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google meets, Teams, etc.

I have performed the shows dozens of times over the last 8 months. The highlight was to perform for 400 people at a virtual sales meeting in Berlin.  The best part is that all participants did participate actively in the show.

For what events is the online magic show suitable?

The Online magic show is suitable for team meetings, conferences, and even celebrations such as birthdays. Some people are just having it as a fun thing to do on an evening. Having a Zoom magician is a fantastic way to spice up your call.

If you have an online meeting coming up and you are looking for something to engage your guests, it would be great if you considered Digital Deceptions. You can find more information about it here.