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Magicians Grand Hyatt

Sometimes you face ‘tough’ customers when you do a regular performance especially in a Restaurant. Yesterday the management asked if I could go to a table which was not to satisfied with the service. I believe the important thing in a case like this is not to focus on the entertainment but on the conversation with the guests and most of the time you find something that you have in common with them. Yesterday it was easy for me because the table was German and one Gentleman was from my region. This made the whole thing much easier. I chatted with them for a while and we had some laughs even with performing a single trick. I did then only one strong effect for them and invited them to come back. I believe they had a good time after all and hopefully forgot about the thing they were not to happy about earlier.

Stefan corporate magician grand hyatt

P.S. I almost forgot, I got my new contract which good until the end of the year – yeah!


event magician

Corporate Entertainment

Apr 1 Unigroup corporate event

Unigroup engaged my corporate entertainment services for the partner event at the Boathouse in Singapore. I performed 2 hours of strolling magic 1st on the rooftop during the cocktail reception and then at the tables during the dinner in between courses. The group was very diverse with people from Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Belgium, and England… It is interesting to see how different nationalities react to magic entertainment. The good thing is – magic it is truly cross-cultural corporate entertainment and I have never met a country/nationality that could not relate to it. Even though the spectator and I don’t speak the same language they still understand what is going on. Performing for groups like this is for me the highlight of the performance since the reactions are very different e.g. from a local Singaporean Chinese to a Japanese or French person.

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Magician Grand Hyatt

One of the nice things when you perform regularly at the same venue is that you get repeat customers. I have now been the Magician Grand Hyatt for almost a year and I would say I have every Sunday at least 10-20% regulars. Usually they bring friends or family and they request that I come to the table which is a great marketing point to the management. This week was the same. I performed at a table for a Gentlemen that had seen me at least 5 times but he was always there with different people so the show is always different. Next time he comes I have to think of something different.


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Magician at Grand Hyatt

After performing in Vest T-shirt and hat during at the busking show it was quite a contrast to do the performance at the tables at the Grand Hyatt. The shows at table a much shorter and the size of your audience is anything from 2 to 20 people (in a private room). The funny thing is that I used almost the same effect at the busking show as I use table side. I guess because the conditions are similar. People are usually all around you and the effect have to play for small to a big audience. Well it has been said by some old timers that you can make a living with 6 tricks and I believe it’s true. Stefan – Corporate Magician

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Busking Show Outdoor event

Pasarbella is the first multi-sensory grocery shopping destination in Singapore. They organized for March an outdoor market at MBS to showcase their vendors. I was hired to perform a Covent Garden style busking show at this outdoor event similar to what I have done in Germany years ago. It was a lot of fun. I performed 6 Shows and had an average crowd of about 80 people.