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Saxo Market engages corporate event entertainer

Corporate event entertainer amazes clients at Saxo Markets event

Saxo Markets provides institutional clients and their end customers with multi-asset execution, prime brokerage and trading technology. I was engaged to entertain their clients and employees at a cocktail party at the Singapore ArtScience Museum. The event photographer did send me some performance pictures.

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Singapore Eventmagician performs at Wisma Atria

During the F1 weekend from I had the pleasure to entertain people Wisma Atria as part of the Supercar Season at Wisma. I performed from Friday to Sunday 2 Stage shows and some close up in between for the shoppers at the Mall. To perform as an eventmagician in situations like this you have to attract a crowd similar to a busking show on the street. People have a different agenda and are not there to watch a performance. I really think of it as busking in suit and tie. It was fun and a good opportunity to practice my busking skills again. I was on the bill with a jazz band  2 models that took pictures with the shoppers.

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event magician at Wisma

event magician

Magician and Snake Charmer

On July 3 I was hired to do close-up magic for an hour at the ICMAT conference at the Raffles City Convention Center. In my job, you meet a lot of other performers. This was the first time I came across a snake charmer. His name is Mohd Yusof and he is the only one in Singapore. He has been in the business for over 30 years and had a lot of interesting stories to share about his gigs and the people he met. He learned the craft from his Dad. He actually has a real King Cobra in his shows and when he pulled it out on stage at the conference he had the audience in stitches. He said it is still a baby but the critter was already about 3.5 m long. After his stage show, you could take pictures with him and the snakes. Not with the cobra… the snake on the picture is a python I think.

magician and snake charmer

A magician performs underwater

event magician

Typical weekday for a Singapore magician

May 25 I was performing for Veeam Software, which is a information technology company developing backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management software. Veeeam just opened their office at central Singapore location and invited their partners to the office opening party for cocktails and snacks.  As a Singapore magician I am performing  quite often at events like this. The objective is to break the ice and make strangers start talking . It helps me that I have worked in IT for long time and I always try to use some general IT jargon in the presentation, like testing, project time, budget and requirements. The event was managed by Citrus Events the MC was friend of Sharlyn Lim if you ever need an MC for a corporate event give her a call

Singapore Magician at Veeam Software event

If you’re having a corporate event, company party (sales meeting, conference, dinner and dance, retirement party, etc.), and would like some world-class fun and interactive entertainment to amaze, break the ice,  and entertain your guests, please keep me in mind.

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Corporate Entertainer

Corporate Entertainer Singapore

One of the benefits of being a corporate entertainer is that many of the venues I perform at are top notch. In Singapore we have a lot of high rise buildings and many of them have roof top bars one of latest ones is the bar Ku De Ta on top of the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Deutsche Bank was looking for a corporate entertainer in Singapore for the annual networking event that is hosted at the Sky Bar of KuDeTa at the 57th floor for MBS. I was hired to do roving, street magic for 2 hours at this event. If you visit Singapore and you want to enjoy  the view from MBS I would recommend to go to the bar and have a drink. This way you don’t have to pay the fee. If you go to Observation deck at the Sky Park they charge you SGD 23. The view at the bar is great as well and you get a drink for the money.

The event was fun but at the end I was soaked. Singapore in May is very humid and wearing suit and tie adds to this even at the 57th floor.

Prior to the performance it was still cool…

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Magician Singapore price

Magician Singapore Price

This essay answers the question regarding magician Singapore price and fees and might be helpful to bring clarity how they are, or at least should be calculated. It will also enable the reader to ask a performer questions.
Please note that numbers given might change over time and need to be adjusted by an average inflation rate and. Since I currently live and perform in Singapore the fees are stated in Singapore Dollars.

The Singapore magician price and fees in this article are directed at the Strolling Magician (also called Roving Magician, Close-Up Magician, or Street Magician). I am basing this on my experience as a full time performer in Germany and Singapore. The fees are related to the corporate market. For private events you can deduct about 10-20% from the fees given

I believe, and this is my opinion, that magicians (and other variety acts) should work at a level system. The number of professional shows a performer has done will determine his or her fee. This raises the question what are the criteria for a professional show?

Well if the performer got paid (no matter what amount) it was a professional engagement independent if it was a wedding, kids birthday party or corporate sales meeting. The fee will increase with the number of performances over time and some performers change their target market over time as well. This means showing tricks at a family reunion dinner or to some friends at a bar or party are not considered a professional shows.

Note: A magician should have at least 100-200 free or tip based performances before he or she accepts a professional engagement at the first level rate. Again – this is my personal opinion. Where can a performer do tip based or free shows? Well that is a topic for another essay but briefly, busking shows, working in bars for tips, charity events, hospital shows…

The rate of a performer is dependent on:

  • How many shows he or she has done (see above)
  • Whether any of those shows were repeat bookings
  • The demand/popularity of a performer in his or her target market
  • What the target market is willing or able to invest
  • How many shows a performer wants to do.

Based on these factors a performer can gauge the level he or she is at.

A. Beginner: 1-100 professional shows
B. Occasional performer: 100 – 200 shows
C. Semi-professional: 200 – 300
D. Professional: 300+

Who is a professional performer?
A professional performer makes 75-100% of his income from performing shows.

A occasional/part time performer 10-50%

A semi-professional performer 50 -75%.

This means these 2 groups have other forms of income either a job in a company or another business (e.g. event company or selling magic products).

Prices and Fees:
These are magician prices and fees for 1 or 2 hours of roving, strolling or close up magic shows.

Tip based in bars and restaurants, busking shows on the streets.
1 hour $50-100
2 hours $100-150

Occasional/part time worker
2 hours – half of the Semi-professional fee for 2 hours – $400-500
1 hour – half of the Semi-professional fee for 1 hour – $250-300

2 hours – $700-1000
1 hour – $400-600

Full time professional:
2 hours – $1200- no limit
1 hour – $700- no limit

Like with anything in life quality is more important than quantity. Quality in magic can only be assured if the performer has performance experience and this can only be achieved with a lot of performances.

Note: The above fees do not contain any performance related cost like travel, accommodation, rehearsal etc.

For more information regarding magician Singapore price and fees for different shows please visit corporate magician Singapore.

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Dell Singapore hires Magician Stefan Ebinger

On December 11, 2014, I was hired to entertain the employees at the 25th anniversary of  Dell in Singapore. Dell  is one of the largest Computer manufacturer  in the world with about 114000 employees world wide. The celebration was held at the Star Performing Arts Center. It was set up to cater for about 480 people and I was the first presenter of the event.Dell Singapore hires Magician

With about 430 attending I delivered a 20 Minute stage presentation for the group with a lot of audience interaction. The Head of Dell Asia Pacific  was the next speaker on the program and my last effect transitioned into his segment. I had him come up on stage and handed him a sketch pad. I borrowed then an iPhone from an audience member and had 8-10 people add up and multiply numbers they chose on the calculator. The total number was 22111989 and it matched the number that I predicted on the sketch pad .  In addition to that it also matched the foundation day of Dell in Singapore 22/11/1989. It was a great lead in into the anniversary speech that followed.

If your organization can use an interactive show that will involve your employees and clients. please feel free to contact me, and if you need a new Laptop or Printer you can’t go wrong with Dell.


Magician Singapore



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Magician Stefan Ebinger entertains at STT

Singaore Magician Stefan Ebinger entertains a crowd of 170 people at a corporate event for Singapore Telemedia Technologies at the Conrad Hotel Nov 28 managed by Muse Inc. I had 2 slots doing close up magic during the cocktail reception and a 20 minutes stage show after dinner. I love doing close up, since I do only sleight of hand routines I just have to pack minimal props and I am ready to entertain.

Magician Singapore close up stuff

The event schedule was very tight we had to keep the timelines to avoid delays. Muse did an excellent job regarding the stage and tech set up. Usually I try to give the client some extra performance on stage (depending on the reactions) However in this case I had to stick to the 20 min to avoid a delay of the overall schedule. Here is a pre-event picture of the room.

Magician singapore SST event


With the new year just around the corner, many companies are in the planning stages of their company Sales Kick Off or Chinese New event. If you’d like to add a touch of magic to these events, please contact us. I can provide everything from strolling close-up magic during the cocktail reception to an after-dinner show for audiences up to 250 guests.

I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays

Corporate Magician MICE Asia

About 10 days ago I participated in the MICE Asia 2014 Show at Suntec Centre in Singapore. This was the first and only show in Asia which focuses solely on networking between the buyers and sellers for the MICE industry. I was a two day exhibit with a conference taking place along side the exhibition. This brought together the industry’s top names to discuss: key event issues, recent venue and restaurant openings, guides on how to run events, event concepts, social media, how to negotiate when choosing venues, deciding on locations for events and general buying tips. As a corporate magician MICE Asia I did continuous short to attract booth traffic and potential leads. I have done that for clients at trade shows and it was fun to it for myself. I got many new leads and I am currently in the process of following up with them. I hope that this Exhibit will be back next year and I will definitely participate.

corporate magician MICE Asia