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10 Tips for a Successful Stage Magic Show

Part 1 of 3 on tips how to get the most out of the corporate entertainment you pay for.

You are the organizer for an event that needs stage show entertainment. The venue is booked, the guest lists have been sent out, the entertainment has been hired…and there is nothing else to do, or is there?
Many times, stage shows that incorporate the audience, such as comedians, magicians and mind readers, can be destroyed by a few little things. However, a lot of organizers are not aware of them and that they can make or break a show at an event.
If you are thinking of booking a stage magic show or other stage entertainer, or you have booked one for your next event, here are tips that will make your event and the magic show even better:

1. Keep Your Audience Close

A stage show can be extremely interactive, this is especially true of comedians, comedy magicians or mind readers. This means that the audience should be as close as possible to the stage.
The event manager at the venue will often place a dance floor between the tables and the stage. If you notice this, ask the banqueting staff to move all of the tables closer to the stage. You are in charge so you can demand this!

2. Fill The Front Tables First

This is the follow up to ‘keep your audience close‘. People naturally tend to stay away from the very front tables, and as a result, if there is a deficit of guests, the front tables will be inadequately populated. This creates another empty zone between the tables and the stage, limiting audience interaction and slowing down the flow and pace of the performance.
A good trick is to place ‘Reserved’ signs on the tables furthest away from the stage until the tables closest to the stage are full.

3. Keep People Together

Hotel, restaurant, conference center staff will always try to fill the room by spreading out the tables and chairs to use up the space. This type of distancing might utilize the space but doesn’t build a connected room for a show. In a theater or comedy club people feel connect thru the proximity to the other audience members. It is better for your event, and the entertainment, if there is an atmosphere of intimacy. This is true not only for theaters of comedy but for small or large function rooms in hotels or other venues.
You are the customer and the venue staff are there to ensure that you get what you require. Not the other way around!

Stay tuned for part 2

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Restaurant magician

Restaurant and bar magician updates

This week I had a terrific performance. I performed at 16 tables and about 50 percent were requested. I had a bunch of repeat clients who brought friends to the brunch and see the performance – this is great for restaurant magicians because things like this keep you in business. I also had the pleasure to meet a client of mine who had booked me for other events in the past. She heard from my newsletter that I am performing at the Grand Hyatt Singapore and came with her husband and friends to see the performance. I recently created a new handout. It is basically my business card but I can attach a playing to the inside and I can write a personal message. I think that people rather keep that than just a playing card. Let’s see after I have handed out the first 500 what the responses are.

Restaurant Magicians

Restaurant magicians face sometimes the obstacle of smaller crows at their residence performance place. At the Hyatt this is usually no issue since they have an average of 250 – 300 guests every Sunday and in 2 hours I can cover at the most 100 people. However today there were only about 150 guests due to a lot of short notice cancellations and I could cover about two thirds of the tables. At the restaurant I worked prior to the Hyatt. we had usually between 8-15 tables for the brunch and it was easy to get around. The trick was to stay around longer and chit chat more, but that’s part of the job. I believe if you are not a people person you can’t do close up magic. Until next week.

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Hyatt Singapore Magician

Easter brunch was packed with almost 400 guests. I did some overtime to cover more tables and focused on groups of at least 6. Great thing is that most of the tables were requests meaning people asked me to come and perform for them which makes it easier and audience is very receptive. Also some friends of mine came over for the brunch which was a lot of fun and I managed some free beers for them – after all they are German…Tomorrow I am of for a trip to Japan for almost 2 weeks. A couple of Cities in Kyushu and Tokyo.


Hyatt Singapore magician

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Magician Hyatt Singapore

Full House yesterday at the Hyatt. Over 300 guests for the brunch. Something funny happened at the end of the brunch. A Lady came up to me and thanked me for the great brunch, the service and commented on the food. I was sure that I didn’t perform at their table but she went on to compliment. I realized that she thought I am part to the management. Well I don’t wear a costume when I perform but a business suit. I just played along and thanked her and said we hope to see her again soon.

Stefan corporate magician Hyatt Singapore