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Event: Dec 7 – Corporate Xmas Party – Heidrick & Struggles
Venue: Grand Hyatt – Party Room
Package: Close-Up & Personal Show

Last weekend I performed at my residency at the Heidrick & Struggles Xmas Party. The new party room at the Hyatt is a great venue for parties and events. Below some pictures from the performance.

For information regarding the Close-Up & Personal Show click here.

Magic Stage performance

Magic Stage performance for Honeywell in Danang

Event: Mar 22 Partner and Sales Conference –  Honeywell
Venue: Novotel, Danang, Vietnam
Package: Stage performance, 230 guests

Honeywell engaged my services for a sales and partner conference in Danang Vietnam to do an after dinner stage show. The audience comprised of Honeywell employees and partners from Asia Pacific and the United States. I flew in a day prior to the performance for a rehearsal and technical check. The show went really well thanks to the organizers from Masso Group.

Bain Company event

Bain Company Event

Event: Sep 7 – Annual Company retreat – Bain and Company –  250 employees from SEA region
Venue: Marriott Hotel Phuket
Package: Close Up Magic and Stage Show

Bain & Company is a top management consulting firm. We advise leaders on strategy, marketing, organization, operations, IT and M&A across industries. Bain engaged my services  for the annual employee event, which was hosted in Phuket Thailand. I entertained during the cocktail hour and did a  20 min stage before dinner. It was a great event and super fun group to perform for. Here some images from and of the stage prior to the performance.



corporate dinner entertainment

corporate dinner entertainment

Corporate dinner entertainment

Stefan was hired to perform the dinner entertainment at the Thomson Reuters kick of event at the Grand Hyatt. He did close up magic during the pre-dinner cocktail reception at the Grand Hyatt. The audience consisted of employees from the APAC region and selected clients.

corporate evening entertainment

Corporate evening event

Dechert Corporate Evening event

  • Event: Nov 3 –  Dechert LLP  – 150 Guests
  • Venue: Sofitel
  • Package:  Close Up magic for Dechert Clients and Employees

Dechert LLP an international law firm was hosting a corporate evening event for their clients at Sofitel rooftop bar. I performed for their guest for 2 hours while they enjoyed the view, drinks and food.

corporate event magician

ComScore Event Magician

Corporate Event Magician – comScore Promotion event

  • Event: Oct 27 –  comScore Promotion event – 400 Guests
  • Venue: Black Swan
  • Package:  Close Up magic for VIP guests at Powder Room

An event magician has to be able to work at different venues and themes. This event was a challenge because I was asked to hand out promotional items as part of the performance. In addition I had to perform in club style situation with loud music in the background. This set up made it difficult to communicate with the guests. I decided to work mainly silent and mainly produced the promo items.

If you an event planned and you are thinking about hiring entertainment please visit my website for further information how an event magician can add something special to your party.

Conference Entertainment ideas

Conference Entertainment Ideas

The focus of events like this is on networking and the presentations. I believe that Close-Up Magic is probably one of the best conference entertainment ideas. It does not interrupt the flow of the event and it is the ideal ice breaker. It can use modern items like iPhone or iPad in the presentation and can involve the theme of the conference.



Three Shell Game

Three Shell Game at the Raffles Hotel

  • Event: Schneider Electric Conference Conference Dinner – September 26 – 150 guests
  • Venue: Raffles Hotel
  • Package:  Three Shell Game Demonstration

The shell game (also known as Thimblerig, Three shells and a pea, the old army game) is demoed as a gambling game, but in reality, when a wager for money is made, it is almost always a swindle to get your money. The shell game dates back at least to Ancient Greece and is still played in the bigger Cities all over the world.

I have used the game/trick in my close-up shows before but it requires a table and in cocktail setting I never bring one. At the reception I was allocated a fixed spot and I only did this trick during the evening. Since the game is known by almost anyone it is a great conversation starter. No matter who your audience is, almost always you have someone who has lost money in the game.

If you ever see a guy on streets moving three matchbox drawers, bottle caps, walnut shells etc. around stay away and what it from a distance.



Close-up Magician – World Drug Safety Congress

Close-Up magician – World Drug Safety Congress

Most of September I spent in Germany on vacation visiting family and friends. I also had a couple of performance lined up. One  was in Munich doing close up magic and a short stage presentation at a congress. It has been a while that I have a done a performance in my home country. Luckily this was an international congress and I had to perform in English.