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Trade Show Magician TFWA Asia

Trade Show magician – TFWA Asia

Last week JTI engaged my service as trade show magician to attract conference attendees to their booth. Below the case study.

Client Name: Japan Tabacco International Group of Companies

Description: Manufacturer-independent provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for aircrafts, engines and components

Industry: Tobacco

Headquarter: Geneva Switzerland

Event: TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition and Conference

Audience:  2000 Conference Participants from

Challence: To create awareness of the Future of Brands Campaign. By stopping the attendees at the booth communicating the challenge and impact of extensive regulations on products.

The Objective: To invite as many attendees as possible to sign up for the news letter on brand ban information

Solution: To ensure a consistent flow of visitors at the booth n created a customized performance of about 10 min to attract and hold visitors at the booth until a representative was available to provide more detailed information. The presentation contained the main message and key points of the campaign and closed with a call to action (to leave the contact information and to pick up flyer with more details about the campaign).

Performance outline: Regulations make brands disappear by enforcing generic packaging of products e.g. cigarette packages in the UK. At the conference it was not possible to display tobacco brands so instead a dollar bill changed to a blank piece of paper. A selected card faded in stages to a blank card and 15 seconds of the memory of an attendee was erased. Illustrating the fact that if you can’t display the trade mark of a brand your customers will forget it.

Here some pics of the unique booth set up and my creepy partner.

trade show magician TFWA

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event magician

Magic Stage Show Finance Awards

Magic Stage Show International Finance Awards

Event: Jan 26 International Finance Awards –  International Finance Publications Limited
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Function Room
Package: Magic Stage Show

International Finance Publications engaged my services the second time for their annual award event in Singapore. I performed a 40 minute Magic Stage Show. Here some snapshots of the performance:

Magic Stage Show 2

Magic Stage Show

Magic Stage Show 3

event magician

corporate magician – Summary 2015

Here is the last update from the corporate magician Singapore for this year. First I would like to say thank you to all the people who have engaged my services, either the first time or repeatedly. Without you I wouldn’t be writing this entry.

2015 was, with over 100 performances, stage and close up,  great and I am looking forward to do more in the coming year. It is hard to pick a highlight since I enjoy and learn from all performances even the ones that don’t go to well.

Yes there are shows that could go better! I learn from each of them. In fact the shows that don’t go well are the ones I take the most out of. I am a perfectionist and I try to deliver the best job I can, however no matter how well you plan things sometimes go wrong. Who’s fault is it? Wrong question – what can be done better to avoid the same thing happening next time. I see performance like Kaizen – continuous improvement.

If I had to pick a moment from this year that illustrates what I want to achieve with a performance it would be this one:

I do an effect in which I borrow a coin which disappears and re-appears inside a small sealed envelope which was inside a zip closed wallet. I  offer my audience a long or short mystery. The short mystery is the option to open the envelope right now and validate that the coin is theirs’ . The long mystery is different. They don’t open the envelope. This means they have a mystery  as long as they have the envelope if it is really the coin with their initials on it. I claim it is – but I am a magician…

I have been performing this effect at my regular gig at the Grand Hyatt Sunday brunch for over a year now. Last week a family came back  and I was asked to come to there table. The daughter  (about 8 years old) still had  the envelope  unopened. The  last time they  were there was about 3 months  ago. The same happened with a  Gentlemen that comes to the Hyatt with his wife at least 5 times a year. He still has the envelope – not opened for over 4 months.

Why is this great? Because the performance is in their mind for a long time and they have a magical moment every time they look at the envelope. How many people open it right away? I would say about 75% and usually out of group pressure. However I still have them open it after I left the table. This means they will debate out after the performance is done.

My goal for 2016 is to have 50% not open the envelope.

Happy  Holidays!


Finally some pictures from a recent performance. Amazing interaction

corporate magician - stage show

event magician

Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment

Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment

Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment what does this mean? Companies more often than not ask if a performer can include their product and services into the act. In general this can be done but it requires a lot of preparation beforehand. This week I was hired by HP to perform at a luncheon for their clients and partners. At events like this it is usually difficult to get the attention of the audience since the main thing is the food and networking. The event was hosted at a function room at the Suntec convention center and there were about 160 guests in the audience.

The HP group that hired me deals with IT security and the theme of the event was: Think like a bad guy. The objective was to show clients and partners how to safeguard their business by changing the way they invest in and think about security – from the perspective of the criminals targeting them.  It was my job

  • To influence audience to start thinking differently in an entertaining way
  • Allow audience to enjoy and relax mid-day

I came up with the following plot. Cyber criminals are still using old tricks – exploiting old vulnerabilities – with better skills. Magicians are the same they are using old tricks that have been there for hundreds and some even thousands of years and people are still amazed and entertained.I only did 3 effects. The first one a classic in magic catching coins from thin air to illustrate the point of an old effect that everybody has seen. I finished the show by revealing personal information from one of the people in the audience to summarize that old tricks still work wonder if we keep improving upon them. The show was about 15-20 minutes however the preparation was about 1.5 days. Meeting with the client to understand their requirements, writing a proposal, developing effects and writing the script, reviewing and rehearsal. The performance was well received and got good comments from the HP management.

If you are looking for a performance like this for your next corporate event please contact me at +65 8188 2717 for a free consultation or fill out the contact form .




Corporate Magician MICE Asia

About 10 days ago I participated in the MICE Asia 2014 Show at Suntec Centre in Singapore. This was the first and only show in Asia which focuses solely on networking between the buyers and sellers for the MICE industry. I was a two day exhibit with a conference taking place along side the exhibition. This brought together the industry’s top names to discuss: key event issues, recent venue and restaurant openings, guides on how to run events, event concepts, social media, how to negotiate when choosing venues, deciding on locations for events and general buying tips. As a corporate magician MICE Asia I did continuous short to attract booth traffic and potential leads. I have done that for clients at trade shows and it was fun to it for myself. I got many new leads and I am currently in the process of following up with them. I hope that this Exhibit will be back next year and I will definitely participate.

corporate magician MICE Asia