Magic shows Las Vegas

I made myself a present. I took a week of of to see Magic in Las Vegas and to attend a Magic Convention. It is a long trip and I am still jet lagged however it was great  to see what other performers are doing and to get ideas. I thought give some feedback on Magic shows in Las Vegas that I saw. Please note these were not the big headliners like David Copperfield or Criss Angel.

Mac King

I have seen his Magic show 3 times now and I can guarantee you will enjoy it. Mac is an amazing and funny person. A perfect mix of magic and comedy. His magic tricks are different even so he uses common magicians props like rope and cards. Every show is different because the volunteers he picks are different but no doubt Mac King makes all his improvs and shows funny! Go and watch it!

The Mentalist

Gerry McCambridge does a 70 min mind reading show. It is a great act and he puts in a lot of humor that gets the show moving. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to enjoy a show in an intimate setting without all the dramatic music and lights of some of the other more expensive shows. If you have young kids don’t bother I don’t think they get the effects. Here is photo from the show

Singapore Magician

mentalist in Vegas


This is a fun little late-afternoon. Adam London is a really talented magician with slick mental tricks up his sleeves dealing with player cards. You will likely wonder how he is able to divine what audience members are thinking. There is significant interaction with the audience and a ton of stand up comedy. The show is a really good deal and at Fremont Street you can also see free entertainment outside. Check it out.


I save the best for last. This show really impressed me. Frederic da Silva is french he mixes mind reading with hypnosis and I was fooled multiple times. For me it was not about finding out how the things are done but here you can see a true professional at work. The show is interaction from start to finish with no dead spots. Highly recommended this is one of the best live magic shows I have seen.

Singapore Magician visits Paranormal Show in Vegas

Singapore Magician in Vegas