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corporate magician Singapore

Corporate magician Singapore

Saturday and Sunday I was working again for MasterCard as corporate Magician Singapore for the launch of their new program Priceless Surprises. The event was hosted at the MasterCard theater at Marina Bay Sands. My job was to entertain the clients in the queue who were waiting for their price. Usually these events are not my favorites since the audience is only focused on the prices they get. This one was actually quite fun since I could do longer shows for the people in line covering up to 15-20 people at a time. It reminded me of a busking style show that I used to do at street festivals. The problem in Casinos in Singapore is that hired performers can only do their shows inside the respective venue e.g. at the MasterCard theater. The space right in front of the place is Casino space and you cannot perform their without a specific license. The event and the performance went well and I had repeat “customers” that came twice to see something else.


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