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Entertainment ideas for private parties and events

Last week I was hired for private CNY event. The lady who booked me was looking for entertainment ideas that would fit for an Singapore and international audience Age range from 8-80. I went to her house which was also the venue to see what could be done. It was very nice and big place and the party was planned to cater for 150 people. We decided to do strolling magic while people arrive and a short stand up show afterwards. This event was better planned than some of the corporate events I have attended. The technical equipment especially the microphone was top notch. As expected did the stand up show turn almost into a kids show. At events like this the adults tend to send their kids to the front row to see the magic man. My act is in no way catered for children. However I have performed a lot at street festivals in Europe and at these events target families. I decided to my busking show with some modifications. It went really well and the audience including the adults had a fun time.

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