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corporate magician – Summary 2015

Here is the last update from the corporate magician Singapore for this year. First I would like to say thank you to all the people who have engaged my services, either the first time or repeatedly. Without you I wouldn’t be writing this entry.

2015 was, with over 100 performances, stage and close up,  great and I am looking forward to do more in the coming year. It is hard to pick a highlight since I enjoy and learn from all performances even the ones that don’t go to well.

Yes there are shows that could go better! I learn from each of them. In fact the shows that don’t go well are the ones I take the most out of. I am a perfectionist and I try to deliver the best job I can, however no matter how well you plan things sometimes go wrong. Who’s fault is it? Wrong question – what can be done better to avoid the same thing happening next time. I see performance like Kaizen – continuous improvement.

If I had to pick a moment from this year that illustrates what I want to achieve with a performance it would be this one:

I do an effect in which I borrow a coin which disappears and re-appears inside a small sealed envelope which was inside a zip closed wallet. I  offer my audience a long or short mystery. The short mystery is the option to open the envelope right now and validate that the coin is theirs’ . The long mystery is different. They don’t open the envelope. This means they have a mystery  as long as they have the envelope if it is really the coin with their initials on it. I claim it is – but I am a magician…

I have been performing this effect at my regular gig at the Grand Hyatt Sunday brunch for over a year now. Last week a family came back  and I was asked to come to there table. The daughter  (about 8 years old) still had  the envelope  unopened. The  last time they  were there was about 3 months  ago. The same happened with a  Gentlemen that comes to the Hyatt with his wife at least 5 times a year. He still has the envelope – not opened for over 4 months.

Why is this great? Because the performance is in their mind for a long time and they have a magical moment every time they look at the envelope. How many people open it right away? I would say about 75% and usually out of group pressure. However I still have them open it after I left the table. This means they will debate out after the performance is done.

My goal for 2016 is to have 50% not open the envelope.

Happy  Holidays!


Finally some pictures from a recent performance. Amazing interaction

corporate magician - stage show

BBC Chartering hiring a magician

Hiring a magician in Singapore A couple of weeks ago BBC Chartering was hiring a magician for the Asia Eisbein Essen which is an annual luncheon event. Eisbein is basically a kind of German pork knuckle which is usually broiled not roasted. The audience consisted of BBC staff, clients and partners. When I did a […]

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Corporate event entertainers at Sibos

This was a busy week. The Sibos exhibit and conference was taking place in Singapore this week. Sibos is the annual conference, exhibition and networking event. Sibos is organised and facilitated by SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services. All the major banks and big commercial Software providers were present.  There were are a lot of events going on and companies were looking for corporate event entertainers. I performed close up magic for 3 different banks on Monday and Tuesday. One was at the Boat House a nice Roof top bar opposite the Casino. On the picture I am getting ready for the performance.  The other picture was taken at on of the MBS function rooms before the guests came in.

Corporate event entertainers standardcharted (1) (299x400)

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Saxo Market engages corporate event entertainer

Corporate event entertainer amazes clients at Saxo Markets event

Saxo Markets provides institutional clients and their end customers with multi-asset execution, prime brokerage and trading technology. I was engaged to entertain their clients and employees at a cocktail party at the Singapore ArtScience Museum. The event photographer did send me some performance pictures.

corporate event entertainer


Roving magic Airline Pilot Association

Roving Magic at the Airline Pilot Association Singapore Dinner

I was engaged to entertain the guests with Roving Magic prior to the dinner at ball room at the Pan Pacific Hotel. It was a great audience but as performer you only have about an hour to engage with as many people as possible. This means the performance is cut  from the usual 7-10 min to about 5 min. How can I ensure that people will remember it? By creating an effect that is connected with the event or the company that books me. I usually use customized cards that are exclusively printed  for the event. See picture below. If there is only time to do one thing for a group it will be an effect with a card like that.

Roving Magic

Roving Magic – Customized Card





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Magician and Snake Charmer

July 3 I was hired to do close up magic for an hour at the ICMAT conference at the Raffles City convention Center. In my job you meet a lot of other performers. This was the first time I came across a snake charmer. His name is Mohd Yusof and he is the only one Singapore. He has been in the business for over 30 years and had a lot of interesting stories to share about his gigs and the people he met. He learned the craft from his Dad. He actually has a real King Cobra in his shows and when he pulled it out on stage at the conference he had the audience in stitches. He said it is still a baby but the critter was already about 3.5 m long. After his stage show you could take pictures with him and the snakes. Not with the cobra… the snake on the picture is a python I think.

magician and snake charmer




A magician performs underwater

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Mind Reader in Singapore

Mind Reader in Singapore

Last week I was hired to perform as  a Mind Reader in Singapore at a corporate event the Prestige Class Award 2014-15 for about 400 people. In my usual stage performance I do a couple effects with mind reading but I mix them with other magic effects. The challenge with this event was that the client wanted  to have a complete 30 minute show. I have a show that did fit the requirement however I usually limit it to an audience up to 150 people at a dinner event. Since people were eating during this performance I decided to limit the number of people that join me on stage which is normally the highlight of a Mind Reading performance but  I just do not feel comfortable to get someone up, while his main course is getting cold.

The audience consisted of business owners and their spouses. I decided to do an effect related to marketing – subliminal advertising. Which is the of hidden images in commercial content in the hopes that viewers will process them unconsciously. I used the logo of a famous company which was displayed on the screens. The logo actually contains a number which is displayed only when the logo is inverted. I had the audience look at the logo and then a couple of audience members thought of 3 and 4 digit numbers. These numbers were totaled by another audience member and the total matched the number hidden in the logo. The rest of the performance went OK however I still prefer to do a show after the meal…


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Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment

Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment

Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment what does this mean? Companies more often than not ask if a performer can include their product and services into the act. In general this can be done but it requires a lot of preparation beforehand. This week I was hired by HP to perform at a luncheon for their clients and partners. At events like this it is usually difficult to get the attention of the audience since the main thing is the food and networking. The event was hosted at a function room at the Suntec convention center and there were about 160 guests in the audience.

The HP group that hired me deals with IT security and the theme of the event was: Think like a bad guy. The objective was to show clients and partners how to safeguard their business by changing the way they invest in and think about security – from the perspective of the criminals targeting them.  It was my job

  • To influence audience to start thinking differently in an entertaining way
  • Allow audience to enjoy and relax mid-day

I came up with the following plot. Cyber criminals are still using old tricks – exploiting old vulnerabilities – with better skills. Magicians are the same they are using old tricks that have been there for hundreds and some even thousands of years and people are still amazed and entertained.I only did 3 effects. The first one a classic in magic catching coins from thin air to illustrate the point of an old effect that everybody has seen. I finished the show by revealing personal information from one of the people in the audience to summarize that old tricks still work wonder if we keep improving upon them. The show was about 15-20 minutes however the preparation was about 1.5 days. Meeting with the client to understand their requirements, writing a proposal, developing effects and writing the script, reviewing and rehearsal. The performance was well received and got good comments from the HP management.

If you are looking for a performance like this for your next corporate event please contact me at +65 8188 2717 for a free consultation or fill out the contact form .




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Magician Singapore price

Magician Singapore Price

This essay answers the question regarding magician Singapore price and fees and might be helpful to bring clarity how they are, or at least should be calculated. It will also enable the reader to ask a performer questions.
Please note that numbers given might change over time and need to be adjusted by an average inflation rate and. Since I currently live and perform in Singapore the fees are stated in Singapore Dollars.

The Singapore magician price and fees in this article are directed at the Strolling Magician (also called Roving Magician, Close-Up Magician, or Street Magician). I am basing this on my experience as a full time performer in Germany and Singapore. The fees are related to the corporate market. For private events you can deduct about 10-20% from the fees given

I believe, and this is my opinion, that magicians (and other variety acts) should work at a level system. The number of professional shows a performer has done will determine his or her fee. This raises the question what are the criteria for a professional show?

Well if the performer got paid (no matter what amount) it was a professional engagement independent if it was a wedding, kids birthday party or corporate sales meeting. The fee will increase with the number of performances over time and some performers change their target market over time as well. This means showing tricks at a family reunion dinner or to some friends at a bar or party are not considered a professional shows.

Note: A magician should have at least 100-200 free or tip based performances before he or she accepts a professional engagement at the first level rate. Again – this is my personal opinion. Where can a performer do tip based or free shows? Well that is a topic for another essay but briefly, busking shows, working in bars for tips, charity events, hospital shows…

The rate of a performer is dependent on:

  • How many shows he or she has done (see above)
  • Whether any of those shows were repeat bookings
  • The demand/popularity of a performer in his or her target market
  • What the target market is willing or able to invest
  • How many shows a performer wants to do.

Based on these factors a performer can gauge the level he or she is at.

A. Beginner: 1-100 professional shows
B. Occasional performer: 100 – 200 shows
C. Semi-professional: 200 – 300
D. Professional: 300+

Who is a professional performer?
A professional performer makes 75-100% of his income from performing shows.

A occasional/part time performer 10-50%

A semi-professional performer 50 -75%.

This means these 2 groups have other forms of income either a job in a company or another business (e.g. event company or selling magic products).

Prices and Fees:
These are magician prices and fees for 1 or 2 hours of roving, strolling or close up magic shows.

Tip based in bars and restaurants, busking shows on the streets.
1 hour $50-100
2 hours $100-150

Occasional/part time worker
2 hours – half of the Semi-professional fee for 2 hours – $400-500
1 hour – half of the Semi-professional fee for 1 hour – $250-300

2 hours – $700-1000
1 hour – $400-600

Full time professional:
2 hours – $1200- no limit
1 hour – $700- no limit

Like with anything in life quality is more important than quantity. Quality in magic can only be assured if the performer has performance experience and this can only be achieved with a lot of performances.

Note: The above fees do not contain any performance related cost like travel, accommodation, rehearsal etc.

For more information regarding magician Singapore price and fees for different shows please visit corporate magician Singapore.