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Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment

Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment

Customized Corporate Magic Entertainment what does this mean? Companies more often than not ask if a performer can include their product and services into the act. In general this can be done but it requires a lot of preparation beforehand. This week I was hired by HP to perform at a luncheon for their clients and partners. At events like this it is usually difficult to get the attention of the audience since the main thing is the food and networking. The event was hosted at a function room at the Suntec convention center and there were about 160 guests in the audience.

The HP group that hired me deals with IT security and the theme of the event was: Think like a bad guy. The objective was to show clients and partners how to safeguard their business by changing the way they invest in and think about security – from the perspective of the criminals targeting them.  It was my job

  • To influence audience to start thinking differently in an entertaining way
  • Allow audience to enjoy and relax mid-day

I came up with the following plot. Cyber criminals are still using old tricks – exploiting old vulnerabilities – with better skills. Magicians are the same they are using old tricks that have been there for hundreds and some even thousands of years and people are still amazed and entertained.I only did 3 effects. The first one a classic in magic catching coins from thin air to illustrate the point of an old effect that everybody has seen. I finished the show by revealing personal information from one of the people in the audience to summarize that old tricks still work wonder if we keep improving upon them. The show was about 15-20 minutes however the preparation was about 1.5 days. Meeting with the client to understand their requirements, writing a proposal, developing effects and writing the script, reviewing and rehearsal. The performance was well received and got good comments from the HP management.

If you are looking for a performance like this for your next corporate event please contact me at +65 8188 2717 for a free consultation or fill out the contact form .




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