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Dell Singapore hires Magician Stefan Ebinger

On December 11, 2014, I was hired to entertain the employees at the 25th anniversary of  Dell in Singapore. Dell  is one of the largest Computer manufacturer  in the world with about 114000 employees world wide. The celebration was held at the Star Performing Arts Center. It was set up to cater for about 480 people and I was the first presenter of the event.Dell Singapore hires Magician

With about 430 attending I delivered a 20 Minute stage presentation for the group with a lot of audience interaction. The Head of Dell Asia Pacific  was the next speaker on the program and my last effect transitioned into his segment. I had him come up on stage and handed him a sketch pad. I borrowed then an iPhone from an audience member and had 8-10 people add up and multiply numbers they chose on the calculator. The total number was 22111989 and it matched the number that I predicted on the sketch pad .  In addition to that it also matched the foundation day of Dell in Singapore 22/11/1989. It was a great lead in into the anniversary speech that followed.

If your organization can use an interactive show that will involve your employees and clients. please feel free to contact me, and if you need a new Laptop or Printer you can’t go wrong with Dell.


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