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Magic Mentors – Max Malini

Max Malini the Magic Globetrotter was born in 1873 in Poland. At a young age, he emigrated to the US settling in New York City.
Malini’s maxim of life was: To make money you have to mingle with people who have money. This principle and a ton of self-confidence were the best prerequisites for a legendary career in magic. His most famous trick was to produce a block of ice under a borrowed hat.

He started out as a busker in salons which gave him the knowledge and confidence to be able to deal with any situation. It took him only a couple of years to make the move from the bars to the high society. He did magic with everyday objects, knives, glasses, matches, coins, cigarettes, a deck of cards.

Max Malini

He developed the perfect methods for misdirection and with people surrounding him, that watch every move he created a circle of admirers that spread the word about his unique abilities.

On the search for people with money, Malini went to the places where you would find them, the luxury hotels. Many times he just booked the most expensive room in a hotel without a cent in his pocket. He arranged for a meeting with the hotel manager and showed up with a nice leather binder, containing referral letters from presidents, prime ministers, secretaries of kings and queens. He suggested arranging for a show in the hotel for the guests and local celebrities. After the successful show, the hotel manager usually didn’t charge any for the room.

Years ago I bought the book, Malini and his magic and was studied some of his effect. The great thing is that with a little adaption to the current time you can still perform these tricks.

Maybe I should try his approach rent a suite and arrange for a show.

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