Jim Cellini

Magic and mentors part 4. Cellini was a student of the world-renowned master magician Tony Slydini. He specialized in the ancient form of street magic or busking. In the 70s he developed his own brand of street magic and became a pro street magician in San Francisco (late 1970s-early 80s), New Orleans, New York City, and Europe (1990s).

The first time I met Cellini was at a small magic convention in Ludwigsburg, Germany in the early ’90s. He was there as a guest performer and he astonished me with cigarette routine. I had no idea how it was done. He could do the trick close up or on a stage for 200 people it always got a great reaction. The lesson I took from his lecture was how to attract a crowd using the components of color, sound, and movement. The concepts he taught I still use in the opening effect of my stage show today. Enjoy one of his performances here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0oBLokuiRQ


  • The Royal Touch – 1997, German Edition
  • Streetmagic Lecture 2005 – Zauberladen Zuerich