Magic Show on a Yacht

Event: Dec 4 – Customer Appreciation Event for Intel Singapore on a Yacht of Eagle Wings
Venue: Yacht Eagle Wings 1
Package: Close Up Magic

Magic show on a Yacht. In 2019 events on Yachts seem to be very popular. Personally I did about 10% of my shows on a boat. The number of people at events like this range, depending on the size of the boat from 20 to a couple of hundred.

The cruise takes either  3 or 4 hours. I am usually booked for one or two hours of roving magic starting about 1 hour after boarding. If the group is below 30, I suggest doing a 15 min stand up show for everyone at the main cabin close to the end of the trip.

If you consider magic entertainment for this type of event/venue please get in touch.

The nice thing for a performer is that you have to work barefooted on the boat or they give you comfy slippers.