Magician on Vacation

I went with my wife on vacation to Japan. In 2 weeks we covered a bunch of Cities in Kyushu. Starting in Fukuoka/Hakata to Kumamoto, Beppu and Kagaoshima. The last 4 days we spent in Tokyo to see family and friends. Even so I was a magician on vacation I still have magic and performance on the mind. In Fukuoka we took a trip to a nice place called Dazaifu to visit the famous temple and shrine there. I had the chance to watch there a japanese street performer that did juggling, magic and the old are of  Tamasudare. The performance consists of a person skilled in manipulating special screens made of loosely woven sticks, as well as chanting an accompanying kind of poetry. The performer chants a rhythmic poem as he or she uses the screen to portray the objects in the poetry without stopping. On one of the photos you can see a basket that’s were he collects the money after the show. Seeing the performance I got the idea to incorporate this in the theater show that I am planning. In the story/script I also speak about my life and performances in Japan and this is something unique. Now I have to find out where to get the bamboo mats and instructions.


Singapore Magician on vacation

Magician on vacation

Magician Singapore Tamatsudare

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