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As a restaurant magician you often get  requests from management to entertain some VIP customer/guest. At the Hyatt they have private rooms that you can reserve for the brunch with cater for up 30 people. Yesterday I got a request to entertain at one of the rooms for one of the VIP guests. When I walked in and introduce myself the main person looked at me stone faced and said no thank you. All you can do is excuse yourself politely and exit. However the gentleman just played a joke and started laughing – he was basically testing my reaction and the others in the room looked how I would respond. I just said you have a great sense of humor I think it would be worthwhile to include you in my act as heckler at other tables would you mind after the performance here to come along. I got a laugh and he said yes. The rest of the show was great and I stayed longer than usual. You have to think on your feed as a restaurant magician.



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