5 Tips to Look better on a Zoom call

You don’t need expensive lighting or a full home studio to improve your virtual meeting game. Here are five quick tips from a Zoom magician you can use today to appear more professional on your next work-from-home video call.

Camera Level

First up is your camera placement. Your camera should be a eye level. There is no need for a tripod or pricy laptop stand. Grab some thick books or a sturdy cardboard box, and keep adding them till you get the camera to the right height. 

Eye Contact

While we’re on the topic of cameras, make sure that you are looking at your camera while speaking. While it may feel strange to not look at the people on the screen who you are addressing, you’ll actually come across as more engaging by looking them in the eye of the camera.


More isn’t always better. Less, more deliberate light sources usually look sharper than just turning on every light in the house. The key here is experimentation with your setup. Start by turning off all the light in your room (and lower the blinds) then start slowly adding light sources until you find a setup that looks best. If you are using natural light, realize that your lighting with change throughout the day.

Internet Connection

Wired internet is better than WIFI. If possible, plug an ethernet cable into your computer, particularly for important calls or presentations.

Lag Spikes

Lastly recognize that video conferencing uses up a lot of your computer’s resources. Be sure to close any unnecessary applications or windows. This includes your internet browser. Your email client fetching mail can cause pretty noticeable lag spikes. You don’t want your face to freeze on a less than flattering face every time you get an email.

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