Secret Corporate event

Total secret corporate event

  • Event: Jan 12 – Client… Can’t tell- Appreciation event – 140 Guest
  • Venue: Four Seasons
  • Package:  Close Up – Roving Magic

This was a very secretive show – no photos allowed, no mentioning of the name of the company online. No exchange of business cards – I felt like being on a secret undercover mission. The performance was a lot of fun and  I met a new performer that is in town.

We had a great chat after the event about performances, magic, and life as a performer. I am looking forward to seeing this Gentleman at other gigs.

Christmas party ideas

Christmas Party Ideas

Kaspersky – Christmas Party Ideas

Dec 21 Stefan was working for Kaspersky at their annual year end dinner. Among other Christmas party ideas Stefan was performing his 25 minute Close Up & Personal Shows for the employees of the company. This program option is the perfect option for smaller parties up to 60 guests. For more information please click here .

Corporate event idea

Corporate event idea

IFM Awards – Corporate Event Idea

On Dec 16 Stefan was working for International Finance Magazine. The event organizers engaged his services for the award dinner held annually in Singapore. The corporate event idea was to perform an interactive stage show to lighten up the atmosphere in between the different award presentation.

Singapore Corporate Events

Singapore Corporate Event

Expeditors Singapore Corporate Event

  • Event: Dec 3  – Expeditors – 250 Guests – Annual Dinner and Award Event
  • Venue: Carlton Hotel
  • Package:  Stage Show

Expeditors is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle. The subsidiary engaged my services for their annual award dinner event. The audience at this Singapore corporate event, consisted of all  the employees plus some guests from overseas. I performed  a 25 minute stage show during the dinner including the 2 VIP guests in the performance.

Event Performance

Phillip Capital Event Performance

  • Event: Nov 21  – Phillip Capital – 170 Guests – Customer Awarness Day
  • Venue: Heros
  • Package:  Close Up magic and Stage Show

Phillip Capital held their annual customer day at Heros. I usually go there to watch a stand up comedy event performance. This time I was on stage myself performing a 25 minute interactive stage show. I was the intro for the main act of the night Rishi Budhrani a local comedian. Rishi was also the MC for the night and he is a great guy to work with. Make sure you have a chance to catch him at ticketed event at a comedy club, I guarantee you will laugh a lot.

event magician

event magician

Deloitte Event Magician

  • Event: Nov 14 –  Deloitte – 150 Guests – Cocktail Party
  • Venue: Amara Sanctuary
  • Package:  Close Up magic

Deloitte hired me as an event magician to perform close up magic at the Deloitte University event at the Amara Sanctuary Resort on the Sentosa.

corporate evening entertainment

Corporate evening event

Dechert Corporate Evening event

  • Event: Nov 3 –  Dechert LLP  – 150 Guests
  • Venue: Sofitel
  • Package:  Close Up magic for Dechert Clients and Employees

Dechert LLP an international law firm was hosting a corporate evening event for their clients at Sofitel rooftop bar. I performed for their guest for 2 hours while they enjoyed the view, drinks and food.

corporate event magician

ComScore Event Magician

Corporate Event Magician – comScore Promotion event

  • Event: Oct 27 –  comScore Promotion event – 400 Guests
  • Venue: Black Swan
  • Package:  Close Up magic for VIP guests at Powder Room

An event magician has to be able to work at different venues and themes. This event was a challenge because I was asked to hand out promotional items as part of the performance. In addition I had to perform in club style situation with loud music in the background. This set up made it difficult to communicate with the guests. I decided to work mainly silent and mainly produced the promo items.

If you an event planned and you are thinking about hiring entertainment please visit my website for further information how an event magician can add something special to your party.

Event Entertainment

Entertainment for event

Magic Event Entertainment

I was providing the entertainment for event at the Busy Bee Asia award and appreciation luncheon. I had the pleasure of entertaining the teachers during the luncheon with Close-Up Magic at the tables and with a stage performance after lunch.

Conference Entertainment ideas

Conference Entertainment Ideas

The focus of events like this is on networking and the presentations. I believe that Close-Up Magic is probably one of the best conference entertainment ideas. It does not interrupt the flow of the event and it is the ideal ice breaker. It can use modern items like iPhone or iPad in the presentation and can involve the theme of the conference.