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Magic show Singapore – how to handle repeat customers

Last Sunday I was back to do a magic show Singapore at the Sunday Brunch at Mezza9. Since I have been there over a year I get quite a lot of repeat customers. The question that I am asked by other magicians what to do if they have seen all your regular tricks. Well I see myself at the Hyatt as a magician but more importantly as a host. Regular guests I welcome back and have a talk with them what they have been doing, travel etc. Most often then not I don’t perform at all. If they request something I will, especially if they brought a friend or relative and then I just ask what  I did last time and do an effect they don’t remember.  My objective is to make them feel welcome at the brunch and to have a good time, the magic is only the icing on the cake and I am rather remembered as Stefan than as a guy who does tricks…


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