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Magician Singapore – corporate event

Magician Singapore performs at MasterCard corporate event

When you work as a corporate Magician Singapore you are sometimes booked for events that are not a regular performance like at party or corporate dinner. I am currently hired by MasterCard to support their launch of a new program called Priceless Surprises.











Basically I have to come out twice an hour and perform a quick bit for the current winner. I sometime think this is not ideal for Magic since you are used as gadget. However I believe it is your job to your best to perform a good show for the client regardless of the setting. During one of the performances I had 2 ladies on the platform with me and their faces were the perfect match for the tagline of the campaign a priceless surprise. I hope that the on site photographer got a snapshot of that. Basically it is important to have fun with any given situation this positive attitude transcends to the people watching and they ‘usually’ like what you do. I will do 4 more of these at Sentosa and at the MasterCard Theater at Marina Bay Sands.


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