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Magician Singapore performance updates

October was a busy month. I was performing mainly close up at various corporate events. One event was a a marketing event from Zenith Watches. They invited existing and potential clients to further establish the brand in Singapore. As a special guest the invited Felix Baumgartner the man who did the free fall from outer space – the motto of the event was achieving the impossible. It  was hosted in warehouse which was nicely set up. Below is picture from set up at the entrance.























Next was performances for the Visa  award night at the Gardens by the Bay. Somehow my suit and tie matched the overall event…

corporate entertainment idea











Then I was working for Neuberger Berman at Boathouse and  at an NTUC Income client event. I finished that week at the Hyatt Sunday Brunch performance. I guess I most have done 10 hours of card tricks that week… but I am not complaining… 😉

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