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Performance update – corporate event ideas

Last night I was performing for Wacker Chemie Singapore at the Paulaner Brauhaus. It was the companies 100 year anniversary. Prior to the show the Client and I had a session to come up with corporate event ideas for this special occasion that included Wacker Chemie and the occasion. In the beginning they only wanted me to do close up magic prior and during the dinner at the tables. We decided to have also a quick 5 minute performance on the platform right after the CEO’s introduction speech. I came up with an effect whereby I handed out a sketchpad to the CEO. I borrowed then an iPhone from an audience member who opened the calculator app. Various people in the audience added multiplied subtracted numbers finally one person hit the equal sign. This person read out the number and it matched the number written on the sketchpad. However the number 13101914 also was the date of the foundation of Wacker Chemie 13. October 1914.  The picture below shows the reveal of the number.

corporate event ideas

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