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Corporate Entertainment Singapore

10 Tips for a successful engagement of corporate entertainment Singapore

Part 2 of 3 on tips how to get the most out of corporate entertainment Singapore that you engage for your events.

4. Remove Tall Centerpieces on the Table
While tall center pieces look beautiful , they can also obstruct the view of your guests. This is also a barrier for inter-table communication. When your guests cannot see what is going on at the stage they will lose interest and start talking among themselves and this will have a negative impact on the performance.  If tall centerpieces cannot be avoided then make sure that you ask the banqueting staff to place them to one side before the show and return them after the show has ended.

5. Stop the Service During the Show
Whether it is a free bar or not, people at events enjoy drinking. But people moving around during a stage show are disruptive to everyone in the room. The best way to handle this is to have the bar closed during the stage show. We recommend covering the bar with a table cloth, allowing people to see at a distance that the bar is currently closed. Furthermore don’t have the bar at different location than where the show will take place. Especially after dinner your guests will be there instead of watch the performance that you paid for.

Also announce the temporary closure at least half an hour before the show begins, it allows your guests the chance to grab a drink or two to keep at the table.

For a western style dinner the show should begin either after the main course or after dessert when service has concluded.

In case of a Chinese style dinner the show should begin after the dishes and main course (rice and noodles) and when the fruit has been served. The service should stop at this time.

In general keep in mind that when people are eating they will not pay any attention to what is taking place on stage. If you don’t want to interrupt the service it might be better just to have live music instead of an audience participation act like a comedian, magician, juggler etc.

6. Never Have a Break Immediately Before the Show
Some people will lose track of time during the break and not return on time. People arriving part way through the show will disturb the enjoyment for the other guests. If people need a break to use the facilities they will do so as and when they need to.

stay tuned for part 3

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