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Meeting friends at CTC performance

Last Friday I was hired by Roots Asia to entertain the customers and employees of CTC  at 1 Altitude. CTC is a japanese IT company providing wide-ranging solutions that cover all phases of the IT life cycle. I did an hour of close up magic during prior to the official start. At events like this I usually act as an Ice Breaker between the different groups – most of time the clients don’t know each other. I have background in IT and I also know CTC from time when I was working in Japan which made the initial start of the conversation easier.  I was also meeting friends at the CTC performance that I have worked together at other occasion: Sharlyn Lim who is a bilingual MC as well as Adam Chua one of the best caricature artist in town.

CTC event meeting friends


















CTC hires Singapore magician


















If your company needs an Ice Breaker for their next event please feel free to contact me,


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