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Mind Reader in Singapore

Mind Reader in Singapore

Last week I was hired to perform as  a Mind Reader in Singapore at a corporate event the Prestige Class Award 2014-15 for about 400 people. In my usual stage performance I do a couple effects with mind reading but I mix them with other magic effects. The challenge with this event was that the client wanted  to have a complete 30 minute show. I have a show that did fit the requirement however I usually limit it to an audience up to 150 people at a dinner event. Since people were eating during this performance I decided to limit the number of people that join me on stage which is normally the highlight of a Mind Reading performance but  I just do not feel comfortable to get someone up, while his main course is getting cold.

The audience consisted of business owners and their spouses. I decided to do an effect related to marketing – subliminal advertising. Which is the of hidden images in commercial content in the hopes that viewers will process them unconsciously. I used the logo of a famous company which was displayed on the screens. The logo actually contains a number which is displayed only when the logo is inverted. I had the audience look at the logo and then a couple of audience members thought of 3 and 4 digit numbers. These numbers were totaled by another audience member and the total matched the number hidden in the logo. The rest of the performance went OK however I still prefer to do a show after the meal…


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Magician Singapore price

Magician Singapore Price

This essay answers the question regarding magician Singapore price and fees and might be helpful to bring clarity how they are, or at least should be calculated. It will also enable the reader to ask a performer questions.
Please note that numbers given might change over time and need to be adjusted by an average inflation rate and. Since I currently live and perform in Singapore the fees are stated in Singapore Dollars.

The Singapore magician price and fees in this article are directed at the Strolling Magician (also called Roving Magician, Close-Up Magician, or Street Magician). I am basing this on my experience as a full time performer in Germany and Singapore. The fees are related to the corporate market. For private events you can deduct about 10-20% from the fees given

I believe, and this is my opinion, that magicians (and other variety acts) should work at a level system. The number of professional shows a performer has done will determine his or her fee. This raises the question what are the criteria for a professional show?

Well if the performer got paid (no matter what amount) it was a professional engagement independent if it was a wedding, kids birthday party or corporate sales meeting. The fee will increase with the number of performances over time and some performers change their target market over time as well. This means showing tricks at a family reunion dinner or to some friends at a bar or party are not considered a professional shows.

Note: A magician should have at least 100-200 free or tip based performances before he or she accepts a professional engagement at the first level rate. Again – this is my personal opinion. Where can a performer do tip based or free shows? Well that is a topic for another essay but briefly, busking shows, working in bars for tips, charity events, hospital shows…

The rate of a performer is dependent on:

  • How many shows he or she has done (see above)
  • Whether any of those shows were repeat bookings
  • The demand/popularity of a performer in his or her target market
  • What the target market is willing or able to invest
  • How many shows a performer wants to do.

Based on these factors a performer can gauge the level he or she is at.

A. Beginner: 1-100 professional shows
B. Occasional performer: 100 – 200 shows
C. Semi-professional: 200 – 300
D. Professional: 300+

Who is a professional performer?
A professional performer makes 75-100% of his income from performing shows.

A occasional/part time performer 10-50%

A semi-professional performer 50 -75%.

This means these 2 groups have other forms of income either a job in a company or another business (e.g. event company or selling magic products).

Prices and Fees:
These are magician prices and fees for 1 or 2 hours of roving, strolling or close up magic shows.

Tip based in bars and restaurants, busking shows on the streets.
1 hour $50-100
2 hours $100-150

Occasional/part time worker
2 hours – half of the Semi-professional fee for 2 hours – $400-500
1 hour – half of the Semi-professional fee for 1 hour – $250-300

2 hours – $700-1000
1 hour – $400-600

Full time professional:
2 hours – $1200- no limit
1 hour – $700- no limit

Like with anything in life quality is more important than quantity. Quality in magic can only be assured if the performer has performance experience and this can only be achieved with a lot of performances.

Note: The above fees do not contain any performance related cost like travel, accommodation, rehearsal etc.

For more information regarding magician Singapore price and fees for different shows please visit corporate magician Singapore.

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Meeting friends at CTC performance

Last Friday I was hired by Roots Asia to entertain the customers and employees of CTC  at 1 Altitude. CTC is a japanese IT company providing wide-ranging solutions that cover all phases of the IT life cycle. I did an hour of close up magic during prior to the official start. At events like this I usually act as an Ice Breaker between the different groups – most of time the clients don’t know each other. I have background in IT and I also know CTC from time when I was working in Japan which made the initial start of the conversation easier.  I was also meeting friends at the CTC performance that I have worked together at other occasion: Sharlyn Lim who is a bilingual MC as well as Adam Chua one of the best caricature artist in town.

CTC event meeting friends


















CTC hires Singapore magician


















If your company needs an Ice Breaker for their next event please feel free to contact me,


Corporate Magician Singapore

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Magician Stefan Ebinger entertains at STT

Singaore Magician Stefan Ebinger entertains a crowd of 170 people at a corporate event for Singapore Telemedia Technologies at the Conrad Hotel Nov 28 managed by Muse Inc. I had 2 slots doing close up magic during the cocktail reception and a 20 minutes stage show after dinner. I love doing close up, since I do only sleight of hand routines I just have to pack minimal props and I am ready to entertain.

Magician Singapore close up stuff

The event schedule was very tight we had to keep the timelines to avoid delays. Muse did an excellent job regarding the stage and tech set up. Usually I try to give the client some extra performance on stage (depending on the reactions) However in this case I had to stick to the 20 min to avoid a delay of the overall schedule. Here is a pre-event picture of the room.

Magician singapore SST event


With the new year just around the corner, many companies are in the planning stages of their company Sales Kick Off or Chinese New event. If you’d like to add a touch of magic to these events, please contact us. I can provide everything from strolling close-up magic during the cocktail reception to an after-dinner show for audiences up to 250 guests.

I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Holidays

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Magician Singapore performance updates

October was a busy month. I was performing mainly close up at various corporate events. One event was a marketing event from Zenith Watches. They invited existing and potential clients to further establish the brand in Singapore. As a special guest, they invited Felix Baumgartner the man who did the free fall from outer space – the motto of the event was achieving the impossible. It was hosted in the warehouse which was nicely set up. Below is a picture of the setup at the entrance.


Next was performances for the Visa award night at the Gardens by the Bay. Somehow my suit and tie matched the overall event…

corporate entertainment idea

Then I was working for Neuberger Berman at Boathouse and at an NTUC Income client event. I finished that week at the Hyatt Sunday Brunch performance. I guess I most have done 10 hours of card tricks that week… but I am not complaining… 😉

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German Magician Singapore

Last Saturday I performed close-up magic at the Association of Dutch Business people’s annual Gala Dinner. It was hosted at the Tamarind Hill restaurant.  The group consisted of about 150 guests most of them from the Netherlands. One might think that a German magician in Singapore isn’t a good match for a dutch event but even at football matches the 2 groups can celebrate together – just look at the last world cup. The setting for this event was very nice and the guests were receptive to the performance. I like venues where people are seated at big tables from 10-15 this doesn’t feel anymore like a close-up performance but rather a parlor show in a living room. If you are interested in information on how to get the most out of entertainment you hire for your corporate event please check out this article:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Corporate Entertainment Singapore

10 Tips for a successful engagement of corporate entertainment Singapore

Part 2 of 3 on tips how to get the most out of corporate entertainment Singapore that you engage for your events.

4. Remove Tall Centerpieces on the Table
While tall center pieces look beautiful , they can also obstruct the view of your guests. This is also a barrier for inter-table communication. When your guests cannot see what is going on at the stage they will lose interest and start talking among themselves and this will have a negative impact on the performance.  If tall centerpieces cannot be avoided then make sure that you ask the banqueting staff to place them to one side before the show and return them after the show has ended.

5. Stop the Service During the Show
Whether it is a free bar or not, people at events enjoy drinking. But people moving around during a stage show are disruptive to everyone in the room. The best way to handle this is to have the bar closed during the stage show. We recommend covering the bar with a table cloth, allowing people to see at a distance that the bar is currently closed. Furthermore don’t have the bar at different location than where the show will take place. Especially after dinner your guests will be there instead of watch the performance that you paid for.

Also announce the temporary closure at least half an hour before the show begins, it allows your guests the chance to grab a drink or two to keep at the table.

For a western style dinner the show should begin either after the main course or after dessert when service has concluded.

In case of a Chinese style dinner the show should begin after the dishes and main course (rice and noodles) and when the fruit has been served. The service should stop at this time.

In general keep in mind that when people are eating they will not pay any attention to what is taking place on stage. If you don’t want to interrupt the service it might be better just to have live music instead of an audience participation act like a comedian, magician, juggler etc.

6. Never Have a Break Immediately Before the Show
Some people will lose track of time during the break and not return on time. People arriving part way through the show will disturb the enjoyment for the other guests. If people need a break to use the facilities they will do so as and when they need to.

stay tuned for part 3

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Close up magician Singapore

Close up magician Singapore

Last week I was hired as close up magician Singapore at a private birthday party at the Grand Hyatt. The person who hired me had seen me before at the Mezza9 Sunday brunch. It was a small group of 10 people in a  function room at the Hyatt. I decide to do 30 min Parlor Show. This type of show is ideal for a smaller function that is hosted in a restaurant or at your home, like a private party or a company dinner event. The show is a mix of close up and effects that can be played for audience up to 80 people. I can be played almost any environment and the client does not have to prepare anything. The show went well and I had a great time with my audience.

Event entertainment

Event Entertainment

This week I was hired to do a stage show at the AOCC Commissioning Ball, at the W hotel on Sentosa. All guys in Singapore are called to serve the nation in the army, doing whatever guys are supposed to do best. At the end of the 2 year term the officer cadets have a ball. I was part of the event entertainment doing 2 sets of 20 min during the dinner. The MC that night was one of the local celebrities Chua Enlai. He is a Singaporean stage and television actor, best known for his work on the Mediacorp Channel 5 sitcom The Noose. The closing act was Hossan Leong a Singaporean TV Host and comedian. I enjoy other event entertainment acts, because it gives you the opportunity to see how they structure their show and how they communicate with the audience. Since I am a foreigner in Singapore I  always try to find out what works and what doesn’t. I still have a lot of work to do for my stage act and it is not about the tricks.

Mind reading with an audience member:

Event entertainment

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Corporate magician

Corporate magician

I would say 80 percent of my work as a corporate magician is at cocktail parties prior or sometimes during the dinner or party. The advantages of a strolling magicians are clear. The client does not have to reserve a specific slot during dinner where everyone in the audience has to focus on stage. There is no set up and the performance is usually only done for people who want to see something. Last week I was performing at MICE Awards 2014 at Gardens by the Bay at the Flower Field Hall. Below are some pictures that I took before and during the event. Unfortunately no action shots. I hope to get some from a photographer who was taken pictures at the event.

saceo2 saceo1